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The extraction capabilities of our equipment rely on:


The diameter of our collector tube is sized according to the casing diameter.



The number of cycles per day depends on the working level, descent and lifting speeds, dwell and discharge time, which are monitored by means of our special device. Our system works under a skimming effect in the fluid column found in the casing. Once enough energy exists in the reservoir resulting in an oil level above the perforations or open hole part of the well, the working levels will depend upon the parameters programmed in our system. The working level will be determined according to acceptable conditions (specific to each well) checked during the test period.


The unique adaptability of our equipment to well production enables adjustments of the different sequences of extraction to avoid typical depleted wells production problems such as high water cut or presence of sand.

Reminder: To be able to determine fluid quantities that can be recovered per day, a few days of testing is required in order to define all of the operating parameters such as working depths, descent and lifting speeds (300feet/minute max.), filling up and draining times. (see “Well testing” menu)

Oil Characteristics:

A large majority of suspended wells can be reactivated with our technology.
Crude Oils with a pour point of 32° centigrade and 15° API density have successfully been extracted.

Our collector tubes are made of 4 meters steel sections coupled together with a flexible rubber device.
Lenght limit of the collector tube is conditionned by gas pressure/casing conditions and working level of each well.
The table below shows extracting capacities of our equipments with an 8 meters collector tube with no gas pressure, as an example.
Bpd: Barrels of fluid per day.

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