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Our Technology

Conventional lifting systems exert a high differential pressure on the oil producing formation allowing an easier water flow thereby creating high water saturation around the wellbore. This saturation prevents a satisfactory flow of oil and results in such a high level of water production that a well becomes uneconomical to exploit.

Our fluid lift system has three principal applications:

  • Well testing; for establishing the production information of a well including its productivity index. This test period is always executed before launching the production phase.
  • The two others applications concern oil production directly with our system whether reactivating suspended wells or substituting conventional operated pumps.

Summary of main advantages of our technology and equipment:

  • This alternative extraction process increases the potential of recoverable reserves.
  • Its unique adaptability to well production, together with the small differential pressure caused, enables extraction with low levels of water or sand if these problems exist.
  • By lifting oil up to the surface in just a few minutes, our technology offers unique advantages on sucker rod maintenance by preventing paraffin and other deposits to crystallize.
  • lifting oil at such speed also allows to extract high-pour-point oils
  • Low operating and maintenance costs make it particularly relevant for substituting conventional pump systems on depleted wells.
  • Low energy consumption makes it easier to be installed in poor energy equipped areas.
  • Practicality for testing wells and evaluating production parameters including their "productivity index".
  • Mobile and easily installed in one working day enables the testing of several wells per month with a single unit.
  • Our exclusive patented well-head enables the gas to be recovered in accordance with international environmental and security regulations rather than flared in the atmosphere.
  • Our patented technology also optimizes oil production in taking advantage of natural well's gas pressure to help fluid extraction from our collector tube.
  • Its computerized management system enables the user to rapidly modify working parameters at anytime.
  • Its optionnal data transfer system (via GPRS or Radio transmission) enables to collect complete real-time information and send it to a web-based centralized control database.
  • The low visual impact of our equipment allows it to be hidden discreetly behind a vegetal fence for better environmental integration.


The extraction capabilities of our equipment rely on:


The diameter of our collector tube is sized according to the casing diameter.

Our equipment has been approved and is presently operated in several countries by major companies such as PETROBRAS Brazil & Peru, REPSOL Argentina, PVDSA Venezuela, ECOPETROL Columbia, SONATRACH Algeria, and others after passing through their strict quality and safety controls. The equipment has shown exemplary reliability and a proven capacity to respond to complex technical needs.


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